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Below are our current three main course offerings at The School of Self Help. Please click under each of the course topics for free self help tools. 


Weight Loss: Full From Within

Dr. Colleen has worked in the field of bariatric weight loss surgery for 8+ years and takes her real life practical tools to all people wanting to supplement their gastric surgery or just wanting to lose weight on their own. Click below for free tools to help you begin your weight loss journey.

Dr. Colleen's One on One Coaching


So many people are disenchanted with the typical freudian therapy where they go in and reveal their deepest fears and vulnerabilities and the therapist just stares back at them like a blank slate. Dr. Colleen takes a much more active approach in helping people get the change they desire. 

Whether or not you feel you are in a life rut, feel you need to fine tune your relationship, or need extra psychological support for weight loss or substance abuse- this option is the fastest way to laser focus on your specific issues and get the change you need, FAST.


*Coaching is typically done via Skype or FaceTime.

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Alcohol Abuse: out of the matrix

Dr. Colleen uses a highly structured cognitive behavioral approach to help people reduce or quit drinking all together. Click below for free self help tools to help you come out of the matrix and start living life.


Relationships: From roommates to Romance

Dr. Colleen works with couples and individuals who's love life has been lacking and are looking for something more. Click below for free relationship self help tools to bring your spark back, or to begin to get the love you want. 

The Psychology of Finally Being Full From Within
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Psychologist Dr. Colleen Long has worked in the field of weight loss surgery, providing pre and post op support. In this book, she has packed all her practice's tools, tips, exercises, and concepts used to help gastric sleeve, bypass, and balloon patients succeed with their weight loss in the long term. This book helps you focus on WHY you overeat vs. WHAT you overeat, finally getting to the heart of the issue so that you never have to "diet" again.

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