How can School of Marital Arts Help YOU?

Choose below from the three tracks, depending on which description resonates best with you, and learn more about what each course entails.


Are you having a hard time finding a relationship that has staying power? Maybe finding relationships is not your problem, but you keep meeting the same person, different name? Individuals who are having difficulty finding and maintaining relationships.

Couples Without Kids

Are you in a long term relationship and having issues with intimacy, communication, or trust? Want to focus on developing the necessary skills to navigate the common hurdles that inevitably surface in long term relationships? Find out how to sustain desire and passion in your pajamas.

Couples with Kids

Couples who struggle to maintain passion and desire due to the pressures that parenting brings. Maybe you feel like you guys are great as parents, but not so great as partners? This track helps reunite and fortify the original foundation that created your kiddos in the first place.